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Trust experience. Drewexim with over 20-years manufacturing tradition guarantees the highest quality and durability of window scantlings.
FSC certificate

Drewexim has been FSC certified for over 6 years now. After another annual inspection the certification for Drewexim has been extended to 2018...

Testing of the scantlings

Drewexim supervises the manufacturing process and tests all the most important parameters of the scantlings...

ift Rosenheim inspection

On the 26th June 2012 another ift Rosenheim inspection took place in Drewexim manufacturing plant. Drewexim has been assessed positively...

Drewexim 20th birthday

This year Drewexim celebrates the 20th anniversary of its existance. We would like thank all our customers and suppliers for working with us...

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Since 1991 Drewexim has been manufacturing window and door scantlings. Our products are highly respected in countries of Europe and not only. Our precision in manufacturing, quality and durability of our scnatlings has been appreciated by ift Rosenheim instytut. Under the supervision of the Institut we have been producings all our scantlings. Drewexim offers standard scantlings, Scandinavian scantlings, passive scantlings, scantlings with thermo wood and many more. We believe that all our products meet the high and varied expectations and tastes of our customers.